Pink Fairy Lotus' LiveJournal, submitted by DarthVersace. LiveJournals are one of many late-comer banes of the Internet. They are the equivalent of a teenage girl reading her inane diary through a megaphone constantly while holding up baby doll GIFs and offering shout-outs to her "peeps". Pink Fairy Lotus takes things to a whole new level with a delightful blend of gothy angst, horrible poetry, insane sexual attractions to video game characters, and shitty drawings of deviant sex acts. The high-light of this site is definitely the poetry, and good thing too because most of here journal entries seem to consist of nothing but.

A shattered dream
a drifted soul
theres nothing left
im paying the tole

The painful memories
my cold black heart
beacuse of hatred
I lost my art

My art was beautiful
he loved me so
but now he hates me
his pain, my woe

If only I wasnt me
he wouldnt have to pay
for my shattered life

With poems so angsty and poorly written that Linkin Park would cringe you couldn't ask for more, but there is more, so much more at this exciting web site! Once you've exhausted all of the possibilities for comedy it has to offer, head on over to her personal site where you'll thrill to the revelation that she's a furry on top of being an insane goth who lusts after Sonic the Hedgehog. Chill to crude renderings of sex acts up to and including parasitic worm porn! It's people like her who promise to kill themselves and never follow through.

UPDATE!! I was just informed via e-mail by one of our readers that this terrifying ball of bad ideas and misguided emotions has her own forums!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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