Zaftig City, submitted by FARMER!. To quote the site "Zaftig City: The role playing game where it's PHAT to be FAT." If your danger-o-meter isn't starting to go off you might want to have it checked out or replaced, because Zaftig is the site devoted to an e-mail role playing game about force-feeding furries. If they were transgendered and in casts then I could be certain that I had seen every digusting thing possible.

Zaftig City is an e-mail based role playing game catering to fat furs, their feeders and those who admire the plus sized. The realm is set in contemporary times with contemporary technology. The town fathers have seen fit to set up a town catering to the needs of the plus sized, from having many of the world's finest restaurants to shops where even the biggest fur can be outfitted in sartorial splendor.

I wish they would set up a town for the people who play this game so that I could drive a truck full of death and unload it there. To add to the overall "hotness" of this fairly small site you have several pencil-drawn illustrations executed with the practiced skill of a mildly retarded ten-year old jacked up on viagra. Okay, I just looked at the pictures again, make that "severely retarded". I wonder if there is a turducken furry? For some reason the child inside me hopes not.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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