BarbaraArcherGallery, submitted by Sam. Shitty art abounds on the Internet, but when you find a site that sells shitty art it's usually quite a surprise. When you find a site that sells shitty art for a whole fucking lot of money it's an even bigger surprise. When you notice that people are actually paying the list prices for the crap, well, that's just fucking disappointing. I don't care if Hitler himself painted this shit, it should be worth less than the art produced by a class for the mentally handicapped because these people do not have the whole "I'm fucking retarded" excuse.

The Barbara Archer Gallery offers the very best of contemporary and self-taught art, ranging from first rate examples by long recognized Masters in the field, to innovative new works by a select group of emerging artists.

Emerging from fucking what Barbara? The sewers? Are you recruiting CHUDs for your art gallery now? If my kids created works of art this bad I would tell them how great it was and then make sure it fell into a box in the basement when they weren't looking. These people aren't my kids, as far as I know they're adults, and the old words of encouragement I have to offer are: stop now.

Eugene Parker, Untitled; crayon + marker; 14 1/2"H x 11"W.
Price: $125
Oh, isn't that nice, someone drew a person at roughly the first grade level, and they're charging 125 dollars for their artwork. Good on you Eugene Parker, I hope you find some dumbfucks to buy this shit. I see some of your comrades on Barb's little web gallery have actually managed to unload their hastily scrawled pieces of crap off to morons with a lot of money. Jesus, the guy who does Beetle Bailey should be able to get about 500,000 dollars a panel for his shit. At least it's cleanly drawn.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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