Furlong, submitted by Me. If you want an impressive multimedia experience or something fun, think again. This is a sad jaunt into the depressing lands of unrealized deviant potential. FurLong of course stands for "Furry Lasting Original Natural Gays." I'm not sure what the word "natural" is doing in there, but I guess they couldn't think of a word that actually worked.

We are the Children of FurLONG, 16 strong, and gifted one and all. Be we turn our hand to artwork, stories, poetry, music or the simple joy of helping another, we all seek to improve our crafts. And improve we do, though each other's insights and and open mind to their offerings. Let none speak ill of what we seek or love, for we do it with harm to none intended or done. So if you seek to improve your craft and your eye and mind if pleased by the furry, come in an look around. Perhaps you too are meant to be of the Children of FurLONG.

That and have gay sex dressed as animals. But what about this artwork they mentioned? Oh yeah, here we go.

Nothing says gay furry mascot like a crazy knife-wielding animal. I reckon if I was a crazy anthropomorphic monster, I would just use my claws instead of a knife, but that's just me. There isn't too terribly much here, but there is a giant listing of wholesome acronyms. Oh boy!

Sexy In Negligée, Interested In All Naughtiness

Toms Here Enjoy Rough Enforcer Doms Loudly Insisting on Naked Exhibitionism

Wallowing In Erotic Lube, Desires Entry into Razor.

Jake Accepts Kinky Experience
Jake Applies Kat-cock Enlarger
Jacks off As Kats Ejaculate
Joyfully chases After Kat Enforcers
Jake As Kat Entertainer
Jiggly Ass Kitty Expert

Feral says 'STOP THEM' and means...
Slide Toys On Penis & Toy with His Erection Mercilessly

Then there is a tutorials page, but thank god it's empty. These people have nothing to teach anyone, except for mass stupidity or how to come up with retarded acronyms sure to impress some misguided nutcase hanging out in an AOL chatroom while dressed as a sloth wearing a thong. I would just like to say that I'm all for letting people embrace the furry lifestyle, so long as we treat them as true animals and keep them in cages and deny them basic freedoms. Some cosmetic testing wouldn't hurt either.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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