Hybrid: the roleplaying game, submitted by Josh. Everyone loves roleplaying games! RPGs are fun and contribute to abstinence whether we're talking about the classic tabletop games like "Dungeons and Dragons", computer RPGs like "Ultima" or "Morrowind", or console games like "Final Fantasy" or "Another Gay Environmental Themed Shitfest From Japan". We can just kickback and get into a whole other world and not have to worry about things like being cool or ever seeing bare breasts without paying again! How "Hybrid: the roleplaying game" falls into the scheme of other RPGs is a big question mark even after reading almost half of the content on the site. As far as I can tell it's a mixture of stream-of-consciousness writing, random mathematical formulae, and half-crazed references to sex.

INTRODUCTION TO MY ROLE PLAYING GAME BY THE NAME OF HYBRID RPG : For example, IF you want to improve you grade point average, [ this applies mostly to guys, but can be converted for ladies with the COM equation for ladies : RULE # 32 ], you use the following template to figure out GPA that being a person @ 36 C3 DP can get a GPA of 3.0 @ 12 credits / semester : his GPA = [(PL @ C3) / (# of credits per semester or average # of credits per year)]. So, for an adult African American male @ height of 6 ft, assuming he’s physically fit, would be @ 13.09 C1 DP = 17.68 C2 DP = 36 C3 DP, and 36^(1/2) = height of 6 ft., giving him an IQ of [10*C1] = IQ of 130.9

Oh, okay, I get it now. Wait...WHAT THE FUCK?!.

The more I read it the more I think it's some randomly generated shit created by a computer, but then there are parts that almost - and I'm using the term "almost" pretty loosely here - make sense.

I'm not sure if this on-topic or off-topic. But, HERO's decision to use only masculine pronoun is similar to my house rules in my own rpg, as I, "too", also use the masculine pronoun, NOT out of bias, but it's simply too complicated to create female characters in my house rules : reason for "ALL" my errors. So, is HERO assuming the same ? (ELSE) If this is not the case in Hero, its guideline is biased.

This is positively the most sane thing on the entire site. If you can't stand to read more than a few sentences on this site believe me, I don't blame you, but put a little effort into skimming parts of it if you're bored. There is a ton of hilariously nonsensical shit in there.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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