Demon Buster, submitted by Me. With the possible exception of Satanists and maybe some people with demon fetishes no one really likes demons. On the other hand most people don't really stop and think about demons very much, probably because they're a vague and symbolic entity of evil in most mythologies. A few religious nutballs out there do think of demons, in fact they hate them so much they put together sprawling billion-word-long web sites about their antipathy towards demons. Demon Buster, or "FREE DELIVERY (DELIVERANCE) END-TIME DELIVERANCE MINISTRY DEMONBUSTER.COM DELIVERANCE MANUAL" as the site refers to itself in the title bar, is just such a creation of a frighteningly obsessive mind. Hundreds of articles have been written and collected about demons and the evils of demons.

In the Bible, God used a donkey to talk and give a message.
So, if you came here from a link that said our site is "funny", or anything but Godly, know this - Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, loves you and wants to help you. Since you are reading this, He has brought you here to offer Supernatural help. This site shows you how to get that help, free of charge.

Ho-ho zing from crazy demon man! Apparently someone has commented on how nutso this site is before, but a search of our archives revealed that we have yet to set our sites on Demon Buster.

There is no Scripture that says this. It is just a matter of FACT.
Jesus said the demons are living INSIDE of you, not OUTSIDE.

So the best way to escape from the demons is to abandoned Christianity for some other religion or, even better, choose atheism. Because we all know atheists don't have demons, they just have problems with alcoholism and spousal abuse. I'm not a demon but even I am afraid of this guy. The amount of shit he has put together about demons, most of it idiotic garbage, is downright horrifying. I can't imagine it's possible to have a conversation with the guy without him mentioning demons at least once.

Crazy Demon Guy: Hi, how are you?
You: Good, how are you?
Crazy Demon Guy: THERE IS A DEMON INSIDE YOU!!! IT IS INSIDE US ALL!!! Can I get change for a five?

I can just imagine him whispering the verse of scripture that corresponds to what he just said constantly like some sort of walking Jack Chick comic. Although his "BloodofJesus" e-mail handle certainly makes him seem normal and sane.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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