Rate My Gasmask, submitted by Forum Goon.The number of "Rate My" sites are growing faster than the bacteria on my wisdom tooth. It started with "Rate my Rack", and soon moved on to "Rate my Penis", "Rate my Ass", and "Rate my Colon Polyp". It was only a matter of time until the gas mask fetish crowd got in on the action. There are a few good looking chicks on this site, but most are horrible rejects of the human race that need holes poked in their gas mask filters, and then given a shower of mustard gas..omg

Wow. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but wearing a heavy rubber mask designed to protect you from toxins really doesn't do it for me. Please, I implore you to vote a one on all of these. Do it for America, do it for the children, and do it for yourself.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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