The Star Trek Autograph Project, submitted by JackBootedThug. Star Trek fans are known to be insane. This one wants to get the autograph of every single actor and actress that ever appeared in Star Trek. I don't mean Nimoy and Shatner, I mean he wants to get autographs from "guy standing next to future-coffee machine" and "woman dressed up as baby ape monster".

Although I have meet a lot of famous secondary Stars and even the not so famous. I became intrigued with the what ever happened to so and so side of Star Trek. I met the actor Lawrence Montaigne who played Stonn in Amok Time and was very interested in the fact that he had done so many other things I didn't even know about. It crossed my mind that there was an entire legion of actors and actress' that remained virtually unknown in the vast universe of all the Star Trek series. My objective here is to find them all and to give a name to go with the face.

The scariest part is where he has screen caps of old Star Trek episodes pointing out people standing in the shadow in the background who he INTENDS TO GET THE AUTOGRAPHS OF.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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