Zombie - 3D Porn Comix, submitted by karma. In this day and age of advanced computer graphics and lasers it's becoming almost accepted to find yourself attracted to a woman composed of polygons and really small khaki shorts. What's less acceptable is to get caught jacking off to a comic about a woman who is in an elephant-related jeep accident that leaves her severely dead, then is resurrected to a zombie less-severely dead status by having sexual intercourse with a weird naked guy.

I had to crop that picture quite a bit thanks to 3D rendered decomposing breasts. It's a pretty horrid site and while it is pay for most of it the Zombie comic is mysteriously free, as if that particular tale would attract readers. Come to think of it most of the stories they advertise don't sound very enticing, or coherent in any way for that matter.

Description: A combative elfin gets a mission to snaffle a magic book in the country of Moria. Plenty of adventures wait for her along the way. She successfully overcomes all of them, but encounters with a powerful foe - cunning, brutal troll obtaining arcane sexuality. She fairly escapes his bloodcurdling allure; she is raped so cruelly that the torture is very close to turn into delectation... but timely manages to rescue herself...

Uhhh...yeah, uh, needless to say most of this site is not safe for human viewing, let alone work.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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