Multiple Breast Galleries, submitted by mfiddler. Before any of you jackasses click on that underlined shit and see this crap, let me tell you: DON'T CLICK ON THAT LINK. WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU DO, DON'T CLICK ON THAT LINK. Okay, I always thought there were a shitload of puss-sucking fucknauts on the Inter-web, but I had no idea how much free time these asswrenches had on their hands. This Inter-web page site screen is dedicated to fake pictures of naked women with extra tits and legs and arms and crap. There's apparently a group of retarded dickstains who really love adding extra tits and limbs to images of women because hey, they'll never fucking get laid, so it's either spend their time doing that or playing "catch the stray sperm" with their mouth. I guess these dateless wonders spend each weeknight adding tits and legs to pictures and then talking to their acne-ridden buddies about how they can effectively add more tits and legs to pictures of airbrushed broads. What the fuck is this shit?

Any Cheeto-chugging loser who spends their time making this shit, or worse yet, spanking their shorty to it, needs to be put in a goddamn federal prison cell next to that guy who eats other people. What was his name, he was the doctor guy from that movie about the guy who eats other people, doctor somebody. Doctor Detroit maybe. I don't know, I can't remember nerd shit like that, but you can swear that I will remember to break the hands of every single human rejects that added pictures to this page dedicated to the biggest drooling gasshits in the world. It's a good thing these mucous mutants could never talk to a real woman, because they'd never be able to get aroused by anything that doesn't resemble a horse dipped in toxic industrial waste.

PS: You can sign an electronic message machine page thing here.

– Cliff "Cliff Yablonski" Yablonski

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