Women of Law and Order, submitted by Night_Trekker. To be honest, I've never been a fan of "Law & Order." I like the law part, but the order has always left a bad taste in my mouth. One person who definitely enjoys both faces of "Law & Order" is the lousy sap who runs this lovely site dedicated to the female characters of the many shows in the franchise. In fact, it's dedicated to them having sex with each other!

"Sit a little more forward on the chair." She commanded. Alex did as she was told and couldn't help but let out a little gasp as she felt Olivia's tongue lightly trace around her clit. "And don't be so loud." Olivia laughed into her core. Alex tilted her head so she could at least look like she was working, even if she couldn't get her brain to respond to the words on the page. Olivia continued her explorations with her fingers and mouth from her hidden spot, and Alex felt a flush creeping to the tips of her cheeks. Alex bit down hard on her lip to avoid letting out a moan, as Olivia's mouth suckled her bud. Alex couldn't help but push herself harder against the teasing tongue, urging Olivia to stop teasing. She felt two fingers slid into her wet core, and slowly out again, continuing at a pace that drove her mad. She needed it harder, faster...but she knew she couldn't without making it obvious. Olivia recognised her need and used her free hand to make a hard draw on Alex's erect clit. She heard a muffled moan, not enough to send her over the edge. She was about to make a second draw on her, but a knock at the door stopped her. She pulled away so she was making no contact with her lover.

"Alex, how are you going with that paperwork? I need it by the end of today." It was Charlie, and Olivia had a sudden urge to jump out from the protective cover of the desk and sock him one in the face.

Alex cleared her voice before speaking, and Olivia realised that she must have sprayed perfume moments before Phelps entered, because the smell had now wafted down to her. "Um, I should have it done by then, but there is a lot." She managed, Olivia noticed her voice was a little more rusty than usual.

"Yeah, sorry about that. If you get it done though, I will give you the weekend off. You deserve it." Charlie offered. "Are you hot Alex? You look a little flushed."

If you enjoy classic literature such as this, then please hit yourself over the head with a tire iron at your earliest possible convenience.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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