Virtual Judgment House 2000, submitted by Pre.With our advanced technology and high tech online computers, we now have the power to actually simulate being judged in the afterlife...ONLINE! Are you ready for the VIRTUAL JUDGMENT HOUSE 2000, bitch? Being judged in the afterlife is no laughing matter for it's the difference between heaven and hell. Thanks to the Virtual Judgment House 2000, you can practice in your spare time to make sure you nail it down when your time comes. This online simulation follows Steven, a popular young man, star of the football team, and an all-around big dope. Instead of going to church he goes to "The Hornet's Nest" to talk about football and probably how much Jesus is a fag. His mother was upset that Steven was so sarcastic with her and never went to church anymore. Then he dies and goes to hell. The end.I'm sorry, we don't accept American Express.

The Virtual Judgment House 2000 really taught me a lot. Football is wrong and God will smite you down with fury if you partake in it. What I really like about this site is that they actually have a real photograph of God. He's just chilling out in his big mattress fort in the sky. That seems pretty alright to me man.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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