Any lazy ALOD writer can just link you a everyday run of the mill American, anti-Islamic hate speech website. Joe "Queef Generator" Blogwriter could just google "i'm a dumb idiot who hates muslimvania" and give you something good. But I respect you, readers. I'm not just here to give you a website that's "dedicated to preventing Civilization from returning to the sands under the onslaught of Islamic supremacy (which is to Islam what white supremacy is to Caucasian skin color)". I'm here to give you a royalty free hate speech website, so just in case someone flies a plane into your landmark you've got racist resources that won't cost you a dime.
Death to Sober MSPainting!
There's a lot of global uncertainty at the moment, thanks to the assassination of Prime Minister Buttho. Eventually we're all going to need to rally around some intolerant ideology based in hate, and this website allows us to do so, for free, while having a few chuckles. God is great.

"I'm studying to be a doctor."

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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