LiL_AngeL_cUtiE, submitted by Xanga. Xanga is a laugh and a half. If it's even imaginable it's like a low rent and more pathetic version of Live Journal. LiL_AngeL_cUtiE is a noxious example of your average teenage girl using Xanga.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

*siGh* sOo tiRed... wRitiNg fEr miEe fAiThfuL xAnga rEaDerz..^^ anyways

>>sAtuRdAy 11.1.03 yEsterday i wOke uP at fRickkEnn 5:40AMMMM aHhhh i dnt even wake up that early fer skOoL!! >.

STOP FUCKING TYPING LIKE THAT YOU WORTHLESS CUNT. I hate you and everything you represent you gutter princess of alt-capsing, self-loving, egotistical shit. Some would say no one cares about what fruit you are according to some inane web test or your mundane dullard's life that you write about in a nearly incoherent mockery of the English language. I care AnGeL_FUCK_YOU, I care deeply. Because I hate you. Start typing like a human being. Use real fucking words. Get rid of the goddamn stars all over your site, they're not cute, they're nauseating. Most importantly write about things that are interesting. I don't care how many scabs you picked off of your blown H vein, just tell me about how you attempted suicide and ended up getting your stomach pumped, and then PROMISE you will succeed next time.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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