PYRADYNE, submitted by Suneki. Dr. Fred Bell's father worked with Henry Ford. His great uncle was Alexander Graham Bell. His father built his own city in the middle of the Arizona desert. When Dr. Bell turned 14, he began working at the University of Michigan on nuclear energy projects and joined the government. He joined the Air Force at the age of 16, worked on the military Star Wars Defense System, and finally helped engineer the Apollo lunar lander. Now he writes about pyramids, space aliens, the Yeti, and ESP. What an excitingly beneficial career move!

The Amazing Flame Thrower

The Flame Thrower was placed in the back of my pickup truck, and we sat in the front seat. Semjase instructed me to park in a remote riverbed, located ten miles outside the village. I was instructed telepathically, to wait exactly 14 minutes, and a gray space ship would charge our position. My passengers were thusly forewarned. After exactly 14 minutes a 21-foot in diameter space ship containing Grays, flew directly at the windshield of the pickup truck. The device in the rear, the Flame Thrower, started to glow and emanate high frequency energy. We could all feel the tremendous psychic fear that came from the occupants of the space ship. At about 50 feet directly in front of the truck, the ship changed colors and quickly maneuvered 180 degrees and disappeared from sight. Needless to say everyone inside was relieved, as none of the others have ever had a close encounter this close, nor this dangerous.

In the CHILDREN OF THE BLUE RAY article, I was stunned to see the word "RECEPTOR" spoken of in the Bible Code. It was a revelation on many levels. I KNOW that the Super Receptor is directly linked to the Ascension Frequency of the Chosen Ones, and the 144,000 and the multitudes that will follow them and receive the "Seal Of God" in their foreheads. Since college I have been wearing a medallion called The Nuclear Receptor with variations of all the different gemstones for the last 25 years. Recent innovations and research have changed certain aspects of its shape and amplified its power 100 fold into what is now called the new Super Receptor. It works better than anything I have ever seen, and the real joy has been to be able to share this remarkable device with friends, family, and students at the SRV seminars. To hear their stories of health, well being, success and change has been the great part, and I want to share what is known about them with you here.

If the government hired this guy to work in their ultra-top-secret programs, I would like to announce I have lost all faith in the political process. You can see an exciting gallery of "celebrities" wearing "Nuclear Receptors" if you so desire, but I don't know why you would desire.

UPDATE: Faithful SA reader "Another Voice" let me know of this wonderful pyramid product for purchase:

The Pyradome is specially recommended to those new to Pyramid Technology, working to develop higher consciousness via the Ajna Chakra. With regular use, Pyradome benefits may include: Stabilizing high blood pressure, promotes Tranquility and Well-being, Experience Deep Relaxation and Balance, Reduces Headaches, and more!

Haha! Welcome to Mindhead. Welcome to Mindhead. Welcome to Mindhead.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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