Roberto Marinos, submitted by NOT_A_VIRUS.EXE. I must say that when I loaded this site, I had to keep my sexuality from running away. Roberto is just one big hunk of hunky man meat. I mean just look at the guy!

What I really mean is that he looks like an ugly woman and I was lying about being attracted to him because I'm not into ugly women unless they have strong personalities and let me take out my frustrations on them through systematic physical abuse. I'm just kidding, I fight like a quadriplegic girl myself and would never risk an ass kicking. This guy, though, he's an anthropomorphic ass kicking waiting to happen. I don't even know what that means, but that's just the kind of "man" this "man" is.

My age is 23 and I am a greek male model living in Greece. Please feel free to look around each page and learn a little about me, my family, my beloved sister, my lifestyle. My online nicknames have been Dr.Mortcraft since 1999 and Xodiak Gangrene since 2001. Most of my online friends know me as Xod. I love drawing very much, it is the number one passion of my life! You can contact me to print and send you autographed copies of my photos or e-mail you high resolution ones. I will gladly send you underwear I am wearing in my photos. I will update my website and the photos again in the future. Thank you for visiting. :)

Autographed photos? Okay Dr. Mortcraft, sign me up for an 8x10 glossy that I can laugh at every time I need to feel amused. How about an autographed picture of your underwear that is autographed and placed on top of an autographed photo of another pair of autographed underwear? Please? I have a recursive autographed underwear photo fetish.

Just because he says he's a male model, here is another picture of him for you to laugh at.

Once you visit his site and get past the temptation of looking at those sizzling pictures of his sister he proudly hosts, you'll probably stop by and notice his art and how pathetic it is. He might be good, I don't know, I guess it depends on if he really made some of those pictures. Most are typical "look at me fooling around with Photoshop techniques" type masterworks, the obvious creations of someone with a passion for art but not actual talent. And hey, he links to his previous sites, one of which features even more art! YAY!! His art there consists of strange drawings not unlike those I made when I was a 10-year-old, full of gory looking monsters and such. I would almost hope he made this site when he was a 10-year-old, if not for the fact he has comics about aborted fetuses, genital mutilation, and animal murder. Good job, ace. He also likes to create characters, many of which seem like S&M rejects from Mega Man games. The profiles of his characters are hilarious, as he lists their favorite foods and activities. Charming stuff.

As if he couldn't get any weirder, he's big on the Gorean lifestyle you might have read about in this Lowtax article. Don't all rush this hunky woman at once, ladies.

Maybe I'm out of line, but this guy sure seems like a crackpot.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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