Lear's Shadow, submitted by Mystic8319. I'm all for free association, but I'm not sure it works when writing about conspiracies. Oh, wait, that's how conspiracies truly take off. My bad. On this site you'll find an unbelievable series of words and pictures that somehow links the Columbine killings with just about everything, from 9/11 to the big bang that proceeded 9/11 by a large number of years. In reading chunks of this site, I have yet to figure out what its purpose really is. The author goes on about how he is trying to find some greater understanding of Columbine, and basically rambles on about how everything reminds him of Columbine.

So my goal in Littleton was to photograph Columbine High School at the precise instant that the president-"elect" was raising his right hand to take the oath of office.
The process of arriving at this goal is described in two other visual essays on the site, Kurtz's Children and An Inauguration Augury.
And as I don't want to repeat myself, the reader is referred to these for elaboration.
Suffice it to say for now that I was successful in my plan, and arrived at the entrance to Columbine High School in time for noon on Saturday January 20th. And here is the photograph:

Unfortunately the photograph was a red X. Perhaps part of a greater conspiracy? One can only assume. You really have to wonder if this is actually a profound statement, in that the red X represents a target? Golly, jumping to conclusions is fun!

Along the way he compares the writings of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to Marlon Brando's dialogue in Apocalypse Now and rambles on about the literary and cinematic qualities of their teenage angst. He compares them to characters from newspaper comic strips as well. I'm not sure what he thinks of their Doom levels, but everything else that they did was apparently the most profound work of art of our modern era, in somehow tied into the very fabric of the universe!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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