New Nation News, submitted by Yama. As far as I can tell, the ultimate goal of the New Nation News is to report every single crime by every single minority in the history of the universe. It's very important to let everybody know of every crime that a black person commits because how else would we know that all black people are criminals? I mean, sheesh, if there weren't all those pretty little links to news articles about various black criminals, somebody might assume the webmaster of this wonderful site is a racist! How rude, Uncle Jessie!

I'm telling you man, that guy Darwin had some of it right and some of it wrong. See, he thought that the way new species were developed out of old species was mainly because in order to survive in any particular environment or in any particular niche, individuals of various species that were better adapted to survive in that environment or niche lived to reproduce and they produced more of their kind. The others that weren't as well adapted died off.

So, if a bunch of, say, black bugs living on white sand were easily seen by birds that ate them, they would be picked off and many wouldn't live to reproduce up to their maximum, but if mutant white bugs were born among them who blended in with the light background and weren't as easily seen by the birds then they would reproduce more like themselves until their genes for whiteness dominated the black genes. Soon, there would simply be more of the white genes and fewer of the black genes and eventually the black genes would die off in this particular location and the black bugs would become extinct on this beach. Then, if these white bugs remained separated and isolated from other populations of black bugs on other white sand, in time they would become a new species unable to mate with black bugs from other areas.

Yeah man! Damn those black bugs! I hope they all get eaten by the brown ducks and our prosperous race of intelligent white bugs continues to live on our, uh, secret white bug island full of pure white bugs and cars which are made out of candy or whatever. The webmaster of New Nation News knows that black people aren't the only threat to people on the Internet, so he has thankfully included groundbreaking reports on why Mexicans are evil, why homosexuals are evil, why all non-Christian religions are evil, and why all non-Nazi hate crimes are far more evil than Nazi hate crimes. I would copy and paste links to each of those sections here, but this site seems to have been designed by a retarded seven-year old after drinking a 12-pack of Jolt Cola. A BLACK retarded seven-year old! Oh that's right, I went there!

PS: They have some forum you can spread contempt for non-whites on, but it's pretty dead and you'll (more than likely) just end up talking with fellow SA readers, which I admit are probably more entertaining than a bunch of people who spend their free time checking their phone lines for filthy Jew wiretaps.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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