Forbidden Knowledge, submitted by darthphunk.For 43 years Dresden Jones has been compiling the most forbidden and amazing secret knowledge about the universe that the government doesn't want you to know! How this site is still even up is a mystery itself, for the information available on this site is FORBIDDEN and the government will do anything to stop the public to know these secrets. But I guess they must not have the technology or power to remove sites from the internet yet. Lets take a glimpse into some of the forbidden knowledge from book 8: "They Say They Are Jews But Are Not!".

See how the Talmud permits SEX with a child under 9 years of age! See proof (exact verses, etc...) with your own eyes! (Page 1087 to 1093), Numbers 31:17 "Kill every little boy and all the women who have had sex but keep the little girls alive for yourself"
The Talmud teaches that Adam had "sexual intercourse" with every beast and animal in the "Garden of Eden" (Page 1094 to 1099)
See the Origins of today's Self-Styled Jews (Page 1094 to 1099)
Did Yahushua ("Jesus") practice Judaism? PLEEEEEE-ZE! (Page 1075 to 1086)

Dresden Jones is such a tease! Now I have to buy the books to find out the forbidden secrets that have been hidden from mankind for thousands of years! For the low, low, low price of $139 you can order half of the books, the whole set for $229, or 4 videos for $149. That's quite a bargain for all the forbidden knowledge you're poor little noggin can handle. Just look at all these testimonials!

"I’ve learned more in 3 hrs. than a lifetime in churches!" (BO-Kansas)
"We all love your videos, powerful revelations" (RM in LA)
"Told friend, get ready, you’ve never heard or seen anything like this before!" (DH in CA)
"Your videos are fantastic, great blessings" (MB in CA)
"Just watched your videos, fascinating. Yes!" (RW in OH)
"While viewing the videos, I stopped, had to phone you" (SH in CO)
"I’m fascinated by your videos" (DE in VA)
"I recognize in you the ‘Breath of Yah’" (MT in Toledo)
"Thank you for your videos ‘SECRET HOLY CODE’" (SN in BC)
"I know what you are teaching is true" (JT in TX)
"You deserve a Nobel Prize for your discoveries" (LL in NJ)
"I hope your videos are seen by Rabbis and Messianic Jews, so they can seriously re-examine their teachings" (AT in NJ)
"We are amazed at your scriptural discoveries" (MD in Montana)

I don't know about you, but if more than 4 people think something is true, then I'm sold. Dresden Jones, I commend you for standing up for truth, justice, and the American way of taking money from gullible idiots and spending it on Lord of the Rings action figures and candy canes.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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