The Human Face of Pedophilia, submitted by WhateverMJ. Ahhhh pedophiles! I understand that your problem is something you probably can't help, but what you can help is celebrating your lust to molest children and justifying it with batshit crazy "ground rules" and even an "ethos". I pray this site is a joke, but the various links point to "no".

I have spent much of my life seeking my aesthetic ideal. I have sought Beauty in music, art, philosophy and religion. I have sought Her in darkness and in ugliness. Yet often She has eluded me and defied definition, and frequently she has not shown Herself in places where I had expected to find Her. At other times, She has revealed Her face to me in places and in ways I had least expected. Consistently, however, She makes Herself known through the little angels who personify Her. To see a young girl is indeed to see Beauty in all of Her grace and splendor!

Therefore, for me, being a girllover is nothing less than striving to commune with Beauty Herself. Whilst I can find solace in Bartók or Britten, inspiration from De Chirico or Klimt, insight from Mishima or Kundera, and am enraptured when little Clara dances with her beloved nutcracker, only in the living soul of a young girl will I ever get a true glimpse of Her.

I'm pretty sure lusting after the living soul of a young girl makes you a demon, not a pedophile. Similar, but not identical. You know what I love most about young girls? No matter how old I get, they stay CHILDREN WHO I SHOULD STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM.

The best part of the site is where he lays down the ground rules for children he plans to molest.

I will always stop when you tell me to stop.
This is a very important promise. It recognizes that a young person should always feel in control of any situation and that he may change his mind about anything that he has previously agreed to do. A childlover is always sensitive to the tempo that the young person sets for any activity. He will not try to pursue any physical or emotional activity that the young person states that he wants to suspend or is not comfortable with.

Good thing a six year old telling him to stop will get him to stop! That's so respectful of him!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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