Dahv Official Site, submitted by verix. Pasty white sixth grade girl is a gangsta rapper. Okay, not really a gangsta rapper, but nestled in among her searingly mediocre and forgettable pop numbers are a handful of hilarious inappropriate rap gems.

Energized by the creative momentum, Dahv worked closely with Jesse James for ‘Daddy Don’t Trip’ – an autobiographical rap about growing up and “having a dad who can freak out sometimes”, says Dahv. “Don’t Trip reflects Dahv’s playful attitude and how she really handles her Dad”, says James, “something that all girls her age can relate to."

Song secretly about her "daddy" Jon Voigt. She's just horrible enough that I think you can expect to see her playing at next years Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. It will be further proof that kids have some fucking shitty taste.

– Astronaut C. Michael Foale

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