Japanese Streets, submitted by Anonymous. I don't pretend to know anything about fashion. I don't wear doc martens to make a punk fashion statement. I wear them because they make limping around on my fallen arches slightly less painful. Fortunately for fashion impaired louts like me there's Japanese Streets, a site that scours the urban streets of Japan to bring the latest clothing trends straight to my computer screen. My germ plasm is tingling with excitement!

A JAPANESE STREETS user may be a succesful fashion designer who doesn't have the time anymore to 'work the streets', but still needs the streets for inspiration and insight. Or a stylist wanting to stay up-to-date without spending hundreds of hours just getting to every "in" place in Japan.

And what radblasting fashions are Japanese teens into these days? The answer can be found in the following image which I've presented in the form of a non copyright violating link to avoid getting sued by Japanese Streets' level 34 corporate lawyers.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Use of JAPANESE STREETS images without a license is strictly prohibited! Click on BUY IMAGE.

Well fiddle-de-do, self-appointed dictator of the internet. I am of the opinion that pictures this awesome should belong to the whole world. Seriously, if I could only take one memory with me into the next life it would be this site.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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