Cheep Productions, submitted by ToasterThief. Cheep Productions (aka "Andy") produce "art" of various videogame and cartoon characters that frequently combines Andy himself with his art in slightly creepy ways. Creepy as in, he thinks he's married to Princess Peach of Mario fame. He devotes many of his works of art, multiple comics, and pretty much his entire pathetic existence to worshipping Princess Peach.

An old Valentine's Day picture. Very very old. Like, as in year 2002 old. I drew this during lunch at school school for a couple days or so, then colored it at home. Umm... I used to always draw myself in my old AMC uniform, which is what I am wearing here. ..Aww, isn't this sweet.

The creepy pictures of his apartment on his Livejournal are also worth a look. I should add that I can almost guarantee we're going to get a lame lawsuit threat from this guy. He just has that look in his crazy eyes.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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