Brians Predictions, submitted by Freakout. Each and every time Brian Ladd awakes from sleep, he brings back haunting visions of the bleak and deadly future, spelling out the hundreds upon thousands of ways everybody on Earth is going to die. Brian has a new dream each and every day, so if you don't like how the Earth will explode today, then just wait 24 hours and we'll have a brand new crisis on our hands! Now THAT'S service!

Hello, my name is Brian Ladd and ever since I began practicing quieting my mind about a year ago, I started to have vivid dreams about the future. And to my surprise, many times what I dreamed about, actually came true. So true, it was like I was writing a movie script of the future every night! This is not a joke, and as you will see with my past predictions, they really do come true, and honestly I have no reason why this is. I'm not a physic, nor do I claim to be, but my entire life I have had gut feelings that seem to come true. So in January of 2005 I started writing down my perditions on a daily basis and posting them on this website for you to see.

A dam will crack and possibly break in the United States, not sure where yes, but will happen very soon. If you live downstream from a Dam, be careful.

Thank you oh so very much Dan. If you have any more dreams which are very, very vague and may or may not happen, please draw and upload them for all of us! Who knows; maybe someplace somewhere a dam will crack! Oh what a chilling prophecy.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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