One Leg Online, submitted by Vertiglow. Do you like your ladies with one or fewer legs? Poverty stricken? Partially or fully nude? Then you're in luck, because the geniuses behind One Leg Online have travelled to Madagascar and taken hundreds of photos of disfigured women for your viewing pleasure. It's like Bum Fights only even more tragic!

On this site we introduce ladies, which have lost a leg, but not the courage for living.

We hope, that all, who have the same faite, will get a little hope for a normal future.

Always think to the fact: You are not handicapped by yourself (e.g. because you have only one leg), you are handicapped by others.

Awww, that's so sweet. I hope they told that to the homeless ladies with the scars and stone-cold hearts in a shanty in Madagascar as they took pictures of her injuries. "Yes, spread your stumps a little wider. Good, good, let's see the pink. No, not the scars, the other pink. Good, here is an American dollar."

– Dwight

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