Dekhyr Dragon's Guide to Sex with Cars (for males), submitted by me. I know that we highlight awful websites on a daily basis, but I wanted to prove that there are some terrific sites out there that are just trying to help others. Like car fuckers.

Another major method is to lie down under the car, your upper body under the car, and thrust into the car. It is difficult, though, to make the car rock unless you push on the closest rear tire.

I've also had some success leaning on my side and fucking the car sideways.

More than one person can fuck a car if it has more than one tailpipe on opposite sides of the car. This will also make the car rock faster and harder since the energy of two people will add.

See, now that's the sort of sensible advice that we could all use. Not only can you learn handy techniques, but also valuable safety tips that will probably save your life!

If you do not use a condom and you come inside the car, ten or fifteen minutes of driving will kill off anything inside. So you do not have to worry about STDs from that.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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