VAGINA INSTITUTE, submitted by Jet-Poop. Taken at face value, The Vagina Institute may seem like nothing more than a porn site in denial. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Vagina Institute is actually a prestigious academy of higher learning, nestled elegantly in the Swiss Alps. I got accepted but I missed the deadline for my scholarship application and had to go to my safety school, MIT. They specialize in taking all the fun out of vaginas while imparting nothing of any real interest. I mean, unless you're that interested in how women pee and menstruate, they cracked that case wide open.

Herein we will explore how women pee; apparently, it is a mystery to some people. We find a lot of adults who think women pee through their clitoris and other’s through their vaginas.

Unfortunately, a subscription is required before you actually get any answers and, I'm guessing, graphic photography. To be perfectly fair, $17.95 a month isn't really that big of a price to pay. They do answer questions about vaginas that science has struggled with for centuries.

Also, they have a quiz for all you ladies. Get the tape measure, the protractor, the speculum and the level and see how objectively attractive your vagina is. You can't afford not to.

– Seth

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