The Spin Zone, submitted by Straight Foolish. FARK-loving attention whore posts blur-faced photos of herself and then acts like she has a legion of adoring fans who can overlook her narcissistic idiocy. Maybe she does. She has a good body and that means lot of people would probably still open the car door for her if she stabbed them in the face with half a broken bottle.

Now there are some really cool people that visit fark, and they know who they are, for their protection (because you see, if the fark lords know they 'talk' to me, they might get blacklisted too) I won't list their names, but if you are one, and you would like to be listed here...please, let me know, and you can have your own tribute page to do with what you like here at the spin zone. Furthermore, I would like to invite any and all those people who have since been kicked off and banned from fark to please send me your info and let me know you're story, together we can make a difference.

Oh, the poor oppressed hot white chick. I haven't seen complaining that inappropriate since the last time I read the Free Republic forums.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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