The Art of Menstruation, submitted by BABY COME BACK!. What the fuck is wrong with women that want to frolic around in their menstrual blood? It seems like there are a hell of a lot of them on this "art" webring, and that really scares me. These are the type of chicks that you'll go on a few dates with and listen to Tori Amos but when you try to make out with her she screams rape and then starts playing an acoustic guitar, singing about her vagina. Worst date ever.

"I performed this work on the heavy day of my period. I wore no underwear and no tampon nor napkin, so that I bled onto my pants as I performed. When I finished speaking the text, I went outside and quickly took off my clothes, then re-entered naked, with my internal organs painted on the front of my torso. Without speaking, I took an egg from the carton and broke it into the bowl. Inside the eggshell was not egg, but my own menstrual blood. From the teapot I poured red hibiscus tea into the bowl with the blood. I whisked it together, and then drank it."

GROSS! That seriously disgusts me more than any other ALOD material and I hope none of you were eating tomato soup while reading that. You may notice that I didn't post any of the pictures from the site. You're welcome.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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