George, submitted by Woodruff. Meet George Rabe, one of a special vanguard of Internet goofballs making the web a hilariously awful place. George runs "the world's largest non-corporate" website, which is a pretty amazing feat given the vast amount of websites out there. So what's on the world's largest non-corporate website? AMAZING PAGES LIKE THIS!

George is a regular comedian, boasting hilarious joke pages. that will have you in stitches for hours and hours. How does he do it? By being the best there is! Really, this guy is too funny for his own good I think.

Somehow, in spite of being a horrible webdesigner, he runs a horrible web design business. Visiting this site is like stepping into a time capsule and being buried in magical soil that sends you back to the Internet of 1998.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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