The Simpsons Generations, submitted by rubbercat. Do you love The Simpsons? No, I mean love The Simspons. Do you love them so much that you would plan a follow-up series to The Simpsons and then map out the storylines for episodes extending from 2007 to 2042? Now that’s the sort of love I’m talking about.

340. 18- 4 J*40 17 Nov 23 Springtropolis [ed - that's November 17th of 2023]

When Maggie wins an building design contest she is asked to help design phase 3 of the X.L. Corp's vision of the City of Tomorrow, a somewhat jealous Lisa turns in a set of designs on the side and are dumped on the side. Saddened by the loss, Maggie vows to find out who upstaged her. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer are worried about the increased use of computers in the public as they fear people being watched is becoming out of control.

A comic where Maggie is older and rippling with muscles is just one of many creepy features on this site. Check out The Simpsons Generations and peer into the definition of “obsession” made manifest.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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