Oblivion Downloads, submitted by me. As good of a game Oblivion is Besthesda and its parent company ZeniMax need a good kick in the balls for assuming anybody wants to pay $2.50 ($1.99 on PC) for a couple of shitty horse armor skins. The game wasn't out for more than a couple weeks before they decided to gouge their fans with such a ridiculous offer. Does this really appeal to anyone? Does anyone pop a boner for horse armor?

Whoop-de-shit, a couple of skins that should've been included in the final product. You're looking at the future folks. Every goddamn thing they can charge for you can now buy, after you buy the game! Does nobody remember all of the free stuff Epic Games released for Unreal Tournament 2004 post-release? It was incredible the support that game got. They even released a no-CD patch.

And it's not even like this is months after release and Bethesda is trying to breathe new life into the game by releasing add-ons. This horse armor nonsense has been known for months now. It's been in magazines and on web sites months before the game was released. This was something that was specifically created before release to be charged extra for instead of including it with the full game where it belonged.

Buying arcade games on Xbox Live is cool. Buying expansion packs is okay. Buying new levels is borderline. Buying dinky little in-game items for your $60 game is not. It's just lame. This is just a bad idea all around and I hope few support it. Judging from the reaction this has gotten in the past few days, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of other people who feel the same as me. Argh, my nerd rage knows no bounds!

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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