Jenny's Artwork, submitted by SlimGoodbody. As an artist I take it upon myself to look and see what other artists are doing so I can crush their hopes and dreams with even better art. I dont like this art very much it is about very muscley women and there is NUDITY of the gross kind.

The theme of my art is mainly HUGE FEMALE MUSCLES and GIANT BOOBS.
If you love ultra-muscular, big-busted supergals you are at the right place!
And now... let's go to the musclewomen! Have fun!! - Jenny -

First of all I dont even see what the point to this is and second of all this art makes me want to barf and third Good luck getting clothes that fit you dumb lady.
My rating: 2/100 (pity points)

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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