Muchas Gracias Debbie, submitted by Dead Last. Do you love embedded MIDI? How about ugly site designs, terrible Photoshops and vague racism? How about all of that coming from the government in a smear against a member of an opposing party? Hooray! Politics are so fun.


Oh god, string her up! She voted against some retarded bill demanding the government produce literature only in English even though it produces literature in every possible language. We don't want the Catalonians being able to read our work visa brochures! I don't even know who this loopy cunt is but the stupidity of this site and the stupidity of the arguments against her make me want to vote for her.

You can check out more sites like Muchas Gracias Debbie at the website for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. My personal favorite is the site attacking Ohio Senate hopeful Sherrod Brown, which ups the ante to include an interactive Flash animation and the sweetest fucking hippie bus I've seen in decades. When your incumbent senator is losing in polls to the newcomer it's time to roll out those big guns like tie-dyed shirts and a hippie loveshack.

Remember come election day that Republicans are violating your rights to enjoy an Internet free of embedded MIDI and garish designs! This atrocity will not stand!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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