Superheroines Demise, submitted by Reading Rainbro. Superheroines Demise is a superheroine abuse fetish pay site with lots of free samples and no pop-ups. Superheroines realizes our deepest fantasies in the form of photographic comic strips featuring models that look like they came from a trailer park in Canada wearing vaguely heroic costumes. Remember all those times you were reading an X-Men comic and Psylocke got punched in her vagina and you couldn't help but masturbate? Maybe it was the time Clay Face gave Bat Girl an extreme wedgie or when a female version of Spiderman got her shirt ripped off by Doctor Octopus. Whatever incident is at its root, every man has a sexual desire to see a woman who is superior in every way to a mortal man being laid low by fat guys in ski masks.

A cool update this week. Phantom Girl sees her most embarrassing peril yet and the photo update is integrated with 3 bizarre videos. You haven't seen stuff like this yet. Frigid pitchers of water actually poured into her bottoms - brrrr. Very cool video - enjoy her squirming and shrieking in displeasure - plus - a slurry of belly punches actually bring her to a vomitous outcome. You don't want to miss these videos or this photo story - it's a messy update - if you catch my drift.

The villain writes sort of like El Pinto Grande.

If you're afraid of women, or you just hate them, then this is the site for you! Women hundreds of times more powerful than you have never been so vulnerable and humiliated. A couple of them even have butts that don't look filthy.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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