And When I Must be Clothed... (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!), submitted by Dan.

Do not click on this page unless you like hearing a really, really creepy old dude tell you about how, when he cannot be nude, he prefers to wear the skimpiest bathing suits known to man. If this page and all the banana-hammockry contained therein does not terrify you, you are a person of some great fortitude.

I'm never quite clear what the situation is regarding coverage of the bum. In UK law I don't think that there is any requirement to cover it, but even with my disregard for clothing, I tend to keep some of my bum covered so as not to appear too cheeky. There main outings for the trunks are for use as cover-ups when nude walking and we meet textiles. They also get worn on sailing holidays around the marina.

But the true telling is not in the text. You must witness the pictures to get the "full view."


– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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