Let's Rave!, submitted by Dingo. Yes, all Kandy-Kid ravers are idiots. I'm not afraid to make a sweeping generalization on this issue, because I've seen enough of their webpages to know that their combined IQ is still eclipsed by many forms of plankton.

Hi, I aM rAcHeL. aNd ThIs Is My PaGe FoR aLl YoU HaPpY LiTtLe KaNdEe KiDdIeS oUt ThEre... EnJoY, iT tOoK mE a LoNg TiMe To MaKe This HaPpEn.... I kNoW iT's NoT tHe BeSt SiTe Out there, BuT it hAs My LoVe For all Of You iN it!!!! happy RaViNg... And rEmEmBeR, P.L.U.R.... and We WiLl All bE sAfE!!!!

Screw you. This site makes me want to HURT PEOPLE.

PS: The creature who made this webpage also has a message board you can post to. PLuR PoW3R!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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