Welcome to MY world! I'M THE TEMPTRESS!!!, submitted by Tom. Oh hooray, it's your typical HTML-impaired high school girl site dedicated to writing about how crazy the webmaster is about boys and her favorite bands. A wonderful use of the MARQUEE tag combined with a mastery of background images truly creates an awe-inspiring experience that will make you shriek "oh wow" while simultaneously hitting ALT-F4.

My music is of THE best taste in the world. My devotion towards music was established in 7th grade, with my first Marilyn Manson cd (yea wow). My step dad, Todd, said that music has become a drug of mine. A drug, meaning... that I use go to it to relieve myself, to escape from my own reality...(a drug is something that makes you want more, and something that is used to an extent of abuse)...so...my drug is my music....yeah, i'm weak...

see what drives me crazy about BOYS! If they're pretty to look at, they're fun to play with. Currently, I'm single and kinda on the look out I guess. There's just no one that seems interesting to me.

The real kicker about this page is the fact that she asks her readers to fill out 351 questions about themselves and email the answers to her, shortly after answering 90 questions about the webmaster. Yes, that's correct, you're expected to respond to over 440 questions on her site. Note that nowhere on the list does it ask "do you currently feel the need to throw yourself off a cliff?" Oh well, at least she's not ugly.

PS: She asks you to sign her guestbook. Hey, don't kill the messenger; I'm just repeating what she asks on her page.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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