My Arizona Adventure with Tom "Moof" Davies

Late last month I went to Arizona and here is what me and Moof did:

  • Went through the famous horse tunnel.
  • Flew an Air Hog around a golf course in the middle of the night.
  • Watched Prison Break.
  • Went to Jerome, AZ to prospect for ideal hot dog stand locations should we go into business as hot dog vendors there.
  • Went to the Grand Canyon where the deer have hooves that slice like swords.
  • Ate at a Subway.
  • Went to a meteor crater and watched a movie about meteor craters.
  • Stayed in a cabin alongside the ashes of a dead dog named Wobegone.
  • Brainstormed various viral memes soon to grace the Internet.
  • Forgot to write down viral memes, preventing them from ever gracing the Internet.
  • Very narrowly avoided killing each other.

The Great Duckburger Thought Experiment with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: I want to punch so many people in the world but my poor fists are not up to the task.
Moof: so weak...
Livestock: hey tom,

josh here just saw your message calling me weak and wanted to set the record straight: you are the weak one!!



: hey josh,

looks like there was a little misunderstanding so i wanted to clear it up - you are the one who is weak.

thanks again,


Livestock: tom,

about your last message. i guess you were probably drunk or feeling pretty insecure when you wrote it, because you're not usually such a rotten liar. i'll just disregard it and stand by my initial statement.

wishing you all the best in the coming years,


: hey josh this is tom, just w
Livestock: just what
Moof: i d
Livestock: ARGH
Livestock: type like a normal person
Moof: thought experiment: duckburgers
Livestock: not a good one ducks are a bad source of food
Moof: have you ever even eaten duck
Livestock: tom
Livestock: i'm offended you even had to ask
Livestock: the question is: have you eaten duck
Moof: yes of course
Moof: i have
Moof: many times
Livestock: what does duck taste like tom
Moof: kind of like dirty chicken
Moof: the meat is darker than chicken
Moof: and stringier
Moof: it's not that great
Livestock: so how is this going to make for good burgers
Moof: marketing
Livestock: people will see through your lies
Livestock: do you think you can really fool people
Livestock: honestly
Livestock: are you that delusional
Moof: josh the masses are easily fooled
Livestock: you can fool some people
Livestock: but not with burgers
Livestock: burgers are like the hot dogs of non-hot dog foods
Moof: burgers schmurgers
Livestock: tom as a string theorist i disagree

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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