Vicki's Pretender World, submitted by Jay. No.

What you also may want to know is that I was not born a female. I have suffered from gender identity disorder all my life. Unlike my disability pretending, which is a hobby of sorts and not a full time obsession, gender identity disorder is a much more serious matter. I do not regard myself as a cross dresser or female pretender. As those with an understanding of this, as all pretenders and devotees should be, realize that there are many individuals who feel very uncomfortable in their genetic gender. This is very different from the cross dresser who is more like a pretender, one who has no real interest in living as the opposite sex. This is similar to the difference between disability pretenders and those who actually desire a permanent handicap. I am not in the latter category, but can appreciate those that are.

NO. Also:

I love being out and accepted as a handicapped woman. Wearing braces even when I am using my wheelchair lets everyone know that my disability is permanent and I am not using a wheelchair for an injury. I carry my crutches on the back of my wheelchair so can stand up and walk around when I need to. This is very convenient when I need to try on clothing.

FUCK. NO. Okay crossdressing Mum Ra, I see you've got some tricks up your sleeve, but don't count me out of the fight yet. Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats-

NOOOOOOOooooooo! Someone kill me, I can't take this and Christmas.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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