The Aggressor, submitted by Magnar. "The Aggressor" is your standard car mod nut site with a twist: his car won't just kill yours in a race, his web site will kill your computer and your car and probably you by running giant JAVA animations, sound loops, displaying tons of "nifty" GIFs and generally being ugly as sin. On the plus side he makes up for his really stupid web site by being really stupid himself.

Welcome to my homepage....home of the BMW hardcore fanatics. This web page was design for people who love to trick out the most aggressive, extreme piece of machinary...."The BMW". Thus, the name of my ride, "The Aggressor". Anywayz, enough of the talking and check it out for yourself. Again, thanks for visiting and please sign my guest book on your way out. Add this site to your favorites for I'am always updating my web page . "The BMW....there is nothing to compare"! - Web Creator, Miguel L. Lechuga

Holy crap! He can mod his car to the moon and back AND he created the web!? This guy does it all. Now if only he could develop a JAVA animation that somewhere between locking up my browser and crashing my computer, caused me to forget he existed.

PS - If you're into modding your whip, let Miguel know all about your phat ride in his Guestbook!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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