Holy Socks, submitted by thank Elbow. Not that this has anything to do with a Nerd in His Shoe, but some ideas are so stupid that they shouldn't even be put into words, let alone be available for sale on the Internet.

While attending a study weekend with the Scottish Churches Open College, I was discussing the "Jesus Loves you T-Shirt" with some other students. We came to the conclusion that in some circumstances the "up front" approach of the t-shirt was counterproductive and put people off. We decided that socks would be a much better idea. If there wasn't such a thing as Biblical socks there should be, and wouldn't it be a laugh if they were called "Holy Socks."

That was the fun bit, but it got serious when, on the Monday morning I looked up all the references to feet and walking in the Bible. Even a glance at some of the references to feet and walking in the Bible shows the value of highlighting our lives as a journey - a journey where we have to choose which way to walk, which way to turn and with whom we choose to walk. Failing to find any Biblical socks on the net, I began the walk which lead to setting up what is today "Holy Socks."Holy Socks are multifunctional!

Sure! You can wear them on your feet. You can… make puppets spout anti-Baptist rhetoric? And… umm… use them to protect golf club heads? Hey, when Nerdshoe buys socks, it's like buy one, get one free! Since he's only one foot!

Be sure to check out the Sock Song, written and performed by a chorus of trolls and gnomes. Remember, Jesus loves it when you use his name to make a tidy profit! Off smelly bible rags you can wrap around your oozing feet, no less!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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