Ghetto Kids, submitted by John. If there were any site to teach the wrongs of violence, this would be it. This is a website for teaching kids that random stereotypes of city kids are always correct, and also be nice to one another! In an attempt to get their morals across, the creators of this page have written quite possibly the most bizzare stories I have ever read.

A few days later, Sammy goes to see Marty. He is worried about his friend. He has drawn a picture for Marty. In it a man and a boy watch a baseball game. They hold up banners and cheer their team--just like in his dream. Marty is not at the newsstand. Another man is working there. "Where's Marty?" Sammy asks. "In the hospital," the man says. This is serious. The cigarettes have made his friend sick. Sammy remembers the cigarette in his pocket. He knows cigarettes are bad. He takes out the cigarette and throws it in the trash can. He will never smoke.

CIGARETTES ARE BAD????? I DID NOT KNOW THAT, FOR IF I HAD READ THIS MY CIGARATTE SMOKING WOULD BE A THING OF THE PAST! THANK YOU GHETTO KIDS! Check out more stories by characters such as L.A. Lupe, Confederate Tammy, Stupid Guinea Deigo Sammy, and god damn dirty Latina Carmen. There's no guestbook, but if you've got the money, buy some of the dolls! Then light them on fire, and send them back.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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