The Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization boasts many accomplishments, among them preparing a forest cover map of Bangladesh (and making many, many other maps); monitoring the cyclones of 1970, 1985 and 1991; and studying shrimp farming in the coastal region. The SPARRSO Web site adds to that list "using crude Flash to send the organization's sparse logo into outer-space orbit with the lens-flare stars, and pairing it with some sort of choral-dance sci-fi soundscape that gets bizarrely annoying if you let it play for more than 10 seconds."

It takes a lot of people to pull off an operation like that, and SPARRSO lists the full staff, under the heading "Manpower," though SPARRSO's chair is Mrs. Monwara Begum, according to the October 2009 newsletter. (The site's most recent entry.) But there's a different chairman listed on the "Manpower" page, suggesting that perhaps the "Manpower" page does not contain, to reference another section of the site, "Uptodate news." Regardless, Monwara Begum is clearly a celebrity, given that she gets name-dropped in the Urban Dictionary definition for "sweaty mook."

The site contains no pictures of mooks, sweaty or otherwise. In fact, the design is quite spartan; the home page, even with a three-part Flash animation, takes up only a tiny quadrant in the corner of the screen. But SPARRSO does offer links to weather images taken by geostationary and polar orbiting satellites, some of which actually work. Enjoy!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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