What's up everybody! It's your boy here--woop woop! And today, we're going to review a little Hollow Knight. Now, let's just press start here, and there we go. Hey, it looks like I'm some weird little rabbit thing... that's pretty random. And if I hit the button... I guess that's a sword? Sure. Yah! Hah! More like The Legend of Skull--more like The Legend of Skulda. Woop woop!

Look, he can jump, too. And if I move him back and forth like this, it's like he's doing a little dance. Get down, little dude! Okay, so which way am I supposed to go? Oh hey, we all know what that dolphin sound means! Looks like we we got a 15-dollar sub from... MAGAMan1991! Thanks a bunch, MAGA, and welcome to the brigade! Woop woop! So if you're just tuning in, I'm playing this wild game called Hollow Knight, where y

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ou're this rabbit guy, I guess. Huh, I'm already lost. And it looks like... StoicCamel? StoicCamel is telling me the game audio is too low? Hold on. How is that? Now? Oop! But I still heard that dolphin sound. Thanks a lot... oh shit, it went by too quick. Give you a shout-out on my next stream, my man! And speaking of streams, we're about to roll into my daily Fortnite stream--hold on, I'm getting my ass stomped here. Hang in there for the daily Fortnite stream with my boy BasedVegeta! He's been having a lot of problems with his foot so be sure to keep him in your thoughts!

Oh yeah and uh, have you guys heard of NatureBox? They've got all kinds of healthy snacks and I've been eating the shit out of these chocolate nom-noms. And if you go to their website and use the offer code... Crap, I thought I thought I had it written down here. Hold on, let me pause the game. It's not in that drawer? Well, I'll tell you about that special offer next time! Looks like we gotta roll into Fortnite. Mash that subscribe button! Woot woot! In conclusion, Hollow Knight is a fun game.

– The Honest Reviewer

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