Clown sites always look loud and obnoxious, which makes sense, I guess. It's like the Web design is a giant prop flower squirting water in your eyes. However, Clown Around Ent. offers more to mock than mere rainbow-hued ugliness. For example, the company offers various characters for party rental, but it doesn't really want to shell out licensing fees, so meet the completely original creations Man, Iron, and Women! Clown Around Ent. uniquely interprets its slogan "turning ordinary into extraordinary" to mean "making normal things look much, much worse."


For a few hundred dollars, you can deliver a Crunk Squad to your children! (With three extra crunkers for only $50, the "Crunk Squad 6" package is sure to delight the value-conscious crunk connoisseur.) Clown Around Ent. also offers "Adult Parties," which, fortunately, are not what you might fear.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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