Given the depressing proliferation of diaper-fetish sites, it's refreshing at first to see someone on the Internet taking an anti-diaper stance. Conceptually, "babies without diapers" is clearly preferable to "creepy old men with them."

However, DiaperFreeBaby squanders this initial novelty-garnered goodwill with retarded offerings such as a "Creative Corner" devoted to crappy poetry about "elimination communication." For example, here's an "EC haiku":

On the potty smiles
Holding hands, giving hugs, happy
Baby pees, sigh of relief

And here's part of a Green Eggs and Ham variation, based on free-range infant waste rather than discolored dairy and porcine products (baby poop can be green, too, but the author misses the "pottytunity" to make this connection):

And I would potty him on a boat
And I would potty her behind my coat

DiaperFreeBaby also provides helpful cleaning tips, which are essential if you're committed to letting your kid shit and piss wherever the fuck it wants.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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