Good Life Decisions purports to offer all sorts of "perfect information," including "sports coaching" for $3.95 and a list of stocks that are "not the common stocks that the common people buy." Founder George Zou boasts "19 years of life-coaching experiences," which sounds promising until you see him and realize he's probably about 19 years old. Unfortunately, some of its pages require people to register before viewing their content, and I determined long ago that doing so for any site is far beyond the Awful Link call of duty. However, it's probably fair to gauge the quality of Mr. George Zou's Life advice by judging the Decisions he made while designing the public part of his Web site, such as:

  • The inclusion of blaring, automatic-playing adult-contemporary music that can only be silenced by locating an unlabeled, inch-high icon at the very bottom of the page.
  • Using promotional images from the canceled TV show Life, complete with intact NBC logo, because that's clearly the best, if not only, way to illustrate the concept of "life" itself.
  • Composing a mission statement that contains this sentence: "Through reverse psychology and tolerable indifferent behavior, you will see the world in the 4th dimension."
  • Welcoming visitors with a video in which "brilliant mind" George Zou frequently refers to himself in the third-person and seems to be uncomfortably welded to his kitchen appliances.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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