You'd figure a site with a URL like would have to provide music lyrics, and it does -- for 20 songs. (For example, they included "White and Nerdy" because "it is sung too fast and many times it's difficult to understand the very funny lyrics.") If you consult their "lyric finder," you get a list of other lyrics sites -- just a text list, not clickable links -- prefaced by the quote "there are already so many great websites doing this very thing and who are we to reinvent the wheel." So why would anyone visit this site, other than its status as a prestigious holder of the Web Wiz and Golden Ducky awards? Because of its insights into the lyric-writing process and its provocative critical analysis!

  • The worse music lyrics serve as a negative example of how and what not to write. This helps would be artist know what not to do. It's like cruising around the Internet finding the worst web design possible. This site clearly serves two valuable functions at once!
  • A prolific writer this Slim Shady is and even so, inner city kids have all along been putting the rapper's music lyrics under a microscope to ferret out every nuance of insight the verbiage provided. Those inner-city kids, with their microscopes and their ferrets.
  • Unlike many other artists who create timeless songs, it's hard to imagine any other artist singing or rapping the music lyrics of Eminem. When Pink Floyd came out with "The Wall" concept album, it was the same deal. What lounge singer, wedding vocalist or county fair crooner would possibly sing any of music lyrics from The Wall? Hard to imagine, indeed!

And from the Top 30 Artist Lyrics section (which, of course, contains no lyrics, only the site's uniquely written bios):

The Staind lyrics contain messages of pain, desperation, woundedness and rebelliousness, but also contain a message of love, hope and peace. As a band whom has gain a good deal of popularity within the past 5 years, Staind continues to write lyrics that run the gamut of human emotions within a framework of alternative rock music.

One of the biggest appeals to Fergie is seeing the juxtaposition of a beautiful white girl who can walk, talk, sing, dance and move with the ghetto funk few can pull off. Fergie not only pulls it off, but pulls it right over the top as well.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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