Roy Stone (thanks ass toot) - Pretty much anytime you come across an entire website crafted in Microsoft WordArt, you can bet it's either for a 40-year-old spinster writing a newsletter for her cats, or badass rocker guy with something to prove. Namely this:

"Recorded in full digital stereo, it's like your standing in a rehearsal room with the band, powerfull metal"

"Four Albums of dry wit & sarcasm that delve into the darker side of love, death, war, the occult & conspiracy"

Hot damn! Probably the fastest lead guitar in the world! He's pretty sure, but everyone is too busy being mesmerized by eye-popping 3D text to even bother checkin'! Not to mention album covers that tout controversial opinions in an attempt to make the listener think a little:

Damn man, yes.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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